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✰ Funny Dog getting Rabbit Styled
✰ OMG✰ Somebody put this dog in witness
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Funny animals, EPIC CUTE
Friends, i started to make "Funny cats in
water 2" compilation. Click here if you want to
support me. -
Sub for my channel please. Music: Katalina -
The Beast Schneider Yuri's fun show #10
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Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES

View Full Article: Samsung Galaxy S III for
only $139.99 at Amazon: Samsung showed off
their flexible AMOLED displays at CES 2011
Las Vegas. The displays are rollable,
bendable and can even survive impacts from a
hammer. Impressive stuff!
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"America's Funniest Home
Videos" Animal Clips

"America's Funniest Home Videos" Animal
Clips Subscribe to the Associated Press: Download AP Mobile: Associated Press
on Facebook: Associated
Press on Twitter: Associated Press on
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Cat mom hugs baby kitten
thanks to for being
the first to write about this video and to for making it viral. And for all
nice comments as well. :) lots of comments
on video, cant read them all but a lot are
spam and nasty - thats why they are now
disabled, sorry.
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Даже Кот Не Выдержал.


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Cute Cat Wants Some Petting
This is Tigger, my cross-eyed Lynx Point
Siamese. He loves to lie on his back in my
arms and pull my hand in to pet him. He's
such a character and does this all the
time. [He was a finalist on ANIMAL PLANET:
AMERICA'S CUTEST CAT - episode "The Good, The
Bad, and The Fuzzy" that aired 5/04/13] Hope
you enjoy!
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Small Cute Kitten
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Rat contre chats
►Partagez cette vidéo sur Facebook : ►Tweet : ► ma
page facebook : ► Twitter
: Tant que
vous me dites que ça vous plaît, j'en fais
d'autres ;) As long as you tell me you like
it, I'll make more ;) Merci à 74Gennady
pour la vidéo d'origine :
et merci aussi à Patrick Bouchitey, Mozinor
et klaatu42 pour l'inspiration
;) générique de fin "Lenny"
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The world's biggest spiders
Huge Spiders, Very Big. SUSCRIBE!!!!!
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What Happens When You Add A Cat? -
"The Friskies®" Awards 2013

What happens when you add a cat to everyday
objects? Visit and
vote for your favorite cat video in "The
Friskies" Awards 2013. Subscribe:
d_user=purinafriskies Website: Faceboo
k: Twitter: Pinterest: http://you
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Cat Scare FAIL
Cat Scare This short clip shows a male cat
hiding behind a wall and then jumping out to
scare the female cat. The clip is an exerpt
from "Cat Clips #167 -- Countdown to Cheerup"
which can be found on the ScoobyHubby
Channel. Or click
Z9DY Download your FREE Cat Clips Board
Game at Missed
any "Cat Clips" episodes? Check out the
Playlist to find out. Follow us on Twitter
at: Follow us
on Facebook: Search for "Cat Clips on
YouTube" to help us get a URL for our first
official fan page. Order Cat Clips
t-shirts and coffee mugs at About Cat
Clips Created by Michael Latshaw, this
episode is part of the humorous "Cat Clips"
series, which features the ongoing adventures
of a group of cats in the New Jersey suburbs.
The cats are avid fans of pop culture and
fill their days discussing the latest
celebrity gossip, political mishaps and
topical entertainment related subject matter.
They also engage in plenty of mystery and
intrigue, as they continually try to scheme
and outmaneuver each other, most often with
comical results. Meet the Cats: Honey
(aka Chase), an orange and white long-haired
domestic, is the oldest female of the group,
and loves to eat chocolate and other sweet
treats. Often referred to as "Big Mama," the
Mother of the clan is not afraid to give her
opinion on almost anything—whether you ask
for it or not. (Later in the series, it's
discovered that Honey is actually a diabetic
and so she must reluctantly give up her
pension for popsicles and pastries in favor
of daily insulin shots.) Trey is an
all-black short-haired domestic cat who often
looks at life through a cynical pair of eyes.
Though he teases Honey relentlessly, he also
feels a deep affection for her, and it soon
becomes apparent that his tough exterior is
mostly for show. Tipi arrives in Episode
#36 to become the youngest female feline of
the group. She is an extremely ambitious cat
with only one thing on her mind—to become a
huge mega-star. She loves to sing, dance and
act, and uses every opportunity to promote
herself and her desire to become a leading
actress. A spin-off series called "Dear Tipi"
was developed to help facilitate her desire
for global recognition. Tuck is a Bengal
cat and the offspring of one of Honey's
British relatives. He arrives in Episode #44
just in time for Valentine's Day. Though Tuck
instantly bonds with Honey and Tipi, Trey
doesn't trust him and is quite reluctant to
allow the foreigner into the fold. But
eventually, Tuck wins over the older male cat
with his positive energy and upbeat
personality. Soon after, Tuck falls madly in
love with Tipi, who rejects his advances in
favor of her career ambitions. Boots is
the newest member of the cast, arriving in
Episode #105, and actually appears as a ghost
in the series. Although his back story is
still somewhat vague, we do know that when he
was living, he was owned by the great and
powerful Wizard of Wit. This not only gives
him an interesting perspective on things, but
also access to various types of magical
powers. After Honey passes away in Episode
#135 and then returns in Episode #143 as a
ghost, Boots confesses the truth about his
true identity, and reveals himself as a real
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Tiger Lily - Persian Kittens for Sale!
0:56 - This adorable
little guy is named Tiger Lily. He is a male
shaded silver persian from Daphne's Dolls
Cattery. Tiger Lily has now been adopted.
"Like" us on Facebook at
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Gatos chistosos ( Funny cats)
Hamster Dance Video divertido de gatos, Gatos
Engraçados, animales divertidos. SUSCRIBANSE
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"2013" "cats vs dogs" "cats compilation"
"gatos divertidos" "gatos graciosos" Hola
amigos!!  Quiero darles una buena
noticia!! "Le he regresado su tema original
a este video, el tema con el que lo edite y
lo subí al youtube por primera vez" Gracias
a todos ustedes por haberlo hecho tan
popular. ¡Hemos superado los 29 millones de
reproducciones!! Y eso me pone muy feliz
porque para mí representan 29 millones de
sonrisas. Algo del que debemos sentirnos
orgullosos todos. Gracias por compartirlo y
recomendarlo, Sin ustedes no hubiera sido
posible esto.  Hello friends!  I want
to be good news! "I have returned your
original theme to this video, the issue with
you edit and uploaded it to youtube first"
Thank you all for making it so popular.We
have surpassed the 29 million views! And that
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E isso me deixa muito feliz, porque para mim
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Algo para se orgulhar de todos. Obrigado por
compartilhar e recomendar (para entregar
todos os sorrisos) Sem você, isso não teria
sido possível. Здравствуйте,
друзья!  Я хочу быть
хорошей новостью! "Я
вернулся вашей
оригинальной теме на это
видео, вопрос с вами
редактировать и
загрузили его на YouTube
первый" Спасибо всем за
то, что так популярны. Мы
превзошли 29 миллионов
просмотров! И это делает
меня очень счастливым,
потому что для меня они
представляют 29000000
улыбками. Есть чем
гордиться каждого.
Спасибо за разделение и
рекомендации (для
передачи все улыбаются)
Без тебя это не было бы
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Zebra Horse
This is a 'Hebra' - a cross between a horse
and a zebra, bred at a German zoo. Why don't
you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and
Twitter to stay up to date with our videos
and other animal stories!! Like Uzoo on
Facebook: Follow Uzoo on
Twitter: Follow Uzoo on
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Python swallowes a deer alive, then
spits it out

Wong: Here's something you don't hear about
every day. A python near Pune city in western
India state swallowed a deer alive on
Christmas day. But it wasnt the easiest of
meals to keep down. Please be warned that
this report may contain graphic
images. STORY: About 30 miles outside of
Pune, a farmer couple in Mulshi village were
taken aback when they came across a 12-foot
python lying in their field with a swollen
abdomen. The python seemed lethargic as it
lay still. Soon, frightened villagers
collected at the site. Volunteers from
"Friends of Nature" then arrived . and
identified the snake as a rare Indian rock
python. The python was trying to eject its
victim as it was probably too large to
digest. [Naina Aabale, From "Friends of
Nature"]: "He took 10 minutes to vomit it
completely. As it kept coming out, it looked
like the barking deer species, and it came
out. For about 2 minutes the python did not
move because the head of the barking deer was
stuck in its jaws and it was not moving." It
was later found that the animal was a
Chinkara deer, which the python finally
managed to eject. The python was taken to a
secluded place in the jungle where it's being
treated for internal injuries. For more news
and videos visit ☛ Add us
on Facebook ☛ Subscribe ☛
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3:12 Click
this special link and Register for ShopCube
to immediately get Double the normal Chances
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Funny cats in water, EPIC
3:19 - Sub for my
channel please. Music: Nicoleta Dara - Is
it true.
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nter?add_user=tuneintoaccess NEW VIDEOS
FRIDAY **************************************
MEDIA WEBSITE: ******************
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The Suicide Box - Useless Invention
It only turns on once.............Check out
my channel for more useless stuff! Do not
PM me asking me how to make this! Chances
are, if you do not know how to make something
this simple, you will hurt yourself trying to
make it.
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